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Case Study: Bake-On Bacon simplifies cooking process and becomes a sought -after commercial kitchen companion

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The history

bakeonbacon_centre_r2_c5Since its early beginnings in Austria the Götzinger name has been synonymous with the production of the finest European smallgoods. For over 120 years the craft behind the production of these high-quality smallgoods has been handed down through generations, and is now the secret behind the success of the Yatala based Götzinger Smallgoods, owned and operated by Antony van der Drift.

The innovation

Seeking to simplify the process of preparing bacon for cooking, particularly in commercial establishments, Antony van der Drift invented a new packaged bacon product—one that would save time and money for busy chefs.
The packaged bacon product comes ready-arranged on a support sheet with the slices in a partly overlapping relationship. To place the bacon slices on a baking tray, only the support sheet needs to be handled, which can be done quickly and efficiently. As the bacon slices cook they shrink, and move from an overlapping to a side-by-side relationship with even cooking. Once the slices of bacon have been cooked, they can be lifted off the support sheet and placed on a serving dish. During cooking much of the oil and fat is captured by the support sheet, and when this is removed the cleaning of the baking tray is considerably eased.

The intellectual property protection requirement

The IP scenario involved the procurement of patent protection of the Bake-on Bacon product in Australia and New Zealand. Antony van der Drift filed a patent application for the product in Australia through Wayne Slater on September 9, 2004.

The IP scenario also involved developing a brand for this product and procuring registered trade mark protection for the brand. Antony selected Bake-on Bacon as his trade mark for this product and obtained registered trade mark for this product.

The product was released onto the market as Bake-on Bacon towards the end of 2004 and was an instant hit.

The outcome

The product has been hugely successful and has created a significant market for Gotzinger Smallgoods. Many hotels ordered the product for their commercial kitchens, with anecdotal evidence claiming that some chefs refused to work in a kitchen unless they could use Götzinger’s Bake-on Bacon product. This turned the use of Bake-on Bacon into a non-negotiable condition before a chef would agree to work.

After Götzinger’s established Bake-on Bacon in the marketplace, a competitor copied the product and solicited orders for the product with Götzinger’s existing customers. Götzinger worked with IP Gateway to institute proceedings against their competitor for patent infringement in the Federal Court and was successful in stopping the infringement. The product continues to be a major seller for Götzinger Smallgoods.

Bake-one Bacon has enjoyed major success, considerably easing a job of a chef working in a commercial kitchen, and is a great example of an innovation that provides a solution that directly addresses a market need. Bake-on Bacon also illustrates how an innovation can be fruitfully applied to a traditional industry where decades of craft and tradition are built into each product.

Commercial considerations aside, Antony van der Drift has undoubtedly earned the respect of many a hotel chef arriving at work at 4am to prepare breakfast for an army of hungry hotel guests.

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