AIPPI World Congress

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Sydney, Australia – October 13-17, 2017 .












The world congress offers the chance for delegates from around the world to come together and not only discuss important developments in the world of Intellectual Property but also provides a great opportunity for networking, education and professional development.

Both Wayne Slater and Mark Metzeling represented IP Gateway this year by attending the Annual World Congress of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI), hosted this year in Sydney, Australia.

Mark was appointed as the Australian panellist for the session “Funny, bad taste or out of order? Morality and public order in trademarks”, which took place on Monday, October 16, 2017 – 14:00-15:30

This panel session canvassed decisions refusing or invalidating trademarks on different grounds
across jurisdictions, illustrating differing cultural or religious values and exploring when
trademarks should be refused or invalidated on such grounds.

If you have a Patent, Trade Mark or Design that you’d like to be protected or you want to discuss how to secure protection for your Intellectual Property with qualified award winning experts, please contact IP Gateway Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys on 07 38083566 or email us at


Design and Life Science Groups

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Design Group

The Designs Group comprises several experienced design attorneys and crystallises IP Gateway’s expertise in, and commitment to, assisting clients in obtaining registered design rights.

IP Gateway has filed significant numbers of registered design applications in Australia for well-known international companies such as Samsung and Caterpillar, and also coordinates programs of Australian and International design filings for local clients.  Our expertise in designs is further demonstrated by contributions to the Australian chapter of the Wolters Kluwer publication, Design Rights: Functionality and Scope of Protection, teaching of designs law at WIPO-accredited Masters of Law level, and contributions to international designs conferences.

Awareness of registered designs (and the US counterpart, design patents) has been significantly raised in recent years by some high profile cases, but in our opinion, this is still an under-utilised form of protection.  Australian Designs law was overhauled in the early 2000s with the intention of providing stronger, more useful, rights.  The outcomes of litigation of Australian registered designs (including one in the last year) indicates that this has been largely achieved, and that registered designs can provide commercially valuable protection.

Registered design protection can provide a useful enforceable right where no other registered IP right is available.  Further, registered designs can complement both patent protection, for example, by providing a right which is relatively straightforward to enforce and which can be useful in restraining copy-cat versions of products; and trade mark protection, for example, by protecting the new shape of a product or packaging before sufficient reputation in the shape has been accrued to support registration of a shape trade mark.

Life Science Group

IP Gateway has also formed a new Life Science Group. The group is headed by Dr Alison McMillan and includes Dr Jack King-Scott and Dr Christy Grobbler.  Dr McMillan who has over 25 year’s patent experience in the life sciences field, leads the team.   The members of the team have scientific training across a broad range of scientific disciplines and have combined and complimentary patent experience across the fields of molecular biology, immunology, pharmaceuticals, protein chemistry, biotechnology DNA technology, microbiology, vaccines, assay/diagnostics development, medical devices and treatment, and biomaterials science.

This diverse technical specialty and breadth of experience allows the Life Sciences Group to work with and provide clients with comprehensive and high level advice and service grounded in a fundamental understanding of the core science.

The Group’s Life Science experience is not limited to Australia and New Zealand and extends to overseas and in particular major jurisdictions such as Europe and the USA.

Formation of a Designs Group and Life Science Group will help IP Gateway continue its focus and innovation in providing expert, commercially oriented advice.

If you want to secure a monopoly for your patent or design, contact IP Gateway Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys’ expert advisors on 07 38083566 or email us at


IPSANZ  Annual Conference

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Gold Coast 8 – 10  September 2017














Alison McMillan attendied the 31st Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand (IPSANZ) Annual Conference on the Gold Coast. This conference is an important annual event and brings together leading Intellectual Property law practitioners in Australia and New Zealand.  Guest presenters include Judges and practitioners from major overseas IP jurisdictions.

The meeting was spread over three days and covered a variety of subjects both domestic and international.


IP Gateway Client Success Story

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Myofunctional M-Shaped Box Trade Mark







Myofunctional Research Corporation Pty. Limited (MRC), has been a developer and innovator of intra-oral appliances to treat the causes of malocclusion and TMJ disorder since 1989. One of these innovations was designing a unique M-shape container to hold their Myobrace ® dental device. To ensure protection of this unique device container after the design registration expires MRC consulted IP Gateway’s Trade Mark division.

Having expertise in attaining registration of shape trade marks, IP Gateway’s trade mark department was able to devise a strategy for MRC to enable it to attain registration of the M-shape as a shape trade mark.  This successful strategy has resulted in MRC now attaining registration trade marks for the M-shape trade mark in Australia, USA, Norway and the European Union.

To learn more about MRC and their unique products go to:

If you want to secure a monopoly for your brand or design, contact IP Gateway Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys’ expert advisors on 07 38083566 or email us at

Brisbane’s New Technology Park

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 “If you build it, he will come”

The above catch phrase from the1989 movie “Field of Dreams” can be equally applied to the Brisbane Technology Park (“BTP”) — “the largest and most prestigious business park in Queensland”.

BTP, which was an initiative of the Queensland Government’s Smart State program, is home to an ever increasing number of prestigious national and multinational companies, including:

  • Alchemia Limited – a biotechnology company discovering and developing human therapeutic products;
  • Anteo Diagnostics – a global medical technology company;
  • Becton Dickinson (BD Diagnostics) Pty Ltd – a global medical technology company;
  • Cook Medical – a global medical device company;
  • Johnson & Johnson – a global medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturing company;
  • Smiths Medical Australasia Pty Ltd – an exported of critical care and medical equipment; and
  • Symbio Laboratories – a food, agricultural and environmental diagnostic company.

The BTP’s attractiveness can be put down to the park’s prime location in the growth corridor between Brisbane CBD and the Gold Coast, the state-of-the-art resources, infrastructure and cost-effective rates offered.

The critical mass of companies already present and the continued growth of the BTP creates an ideal business environment that fosters synergy, innovation and success between and for resident companies.

Here at IP Gateway, being located a stone’s throw away from the BTP, we are perfectly located to meet the growing intellectual property (“IP”) needs of the BTP residents and other fantastic companies moving to and based in this region.

Please feel free to contact us to see how we can assist with your IP needs.

IP Gateway Contributes to World First Publication.

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IP Gateway’s Principal Wayne Slater, has recently contributed to a pioneering publication on Designs Protection around the world entitled; Design Rights: Functionality and Scope of Protection. Up to this point in time no such publication which draws together the law in the various jurisdictions around the world has existed.

The need for such a reference work was demonstrated by the recent high profile case of Apple v Samsung in relation to the design of various aspects of smart phones which was litigated in many jurisdictions around the world.

Wayne has worked together with several renowned Designs Lawyers around the world on this publication project including the USA, Europe, China, Canada and Japan. With each country involved contributing their regions laws and statutes when it comes to Design Law. Wayne contributed to the chapter on Australian Designs Law which has the rather unique property that purely functional designs can be protected. There is no requirement for ornamentality under Australian designs law.

This appointment demonstrates the firm’s leadership and forthcoming development in the practice of Designs Law in Australia and indeed through the South-East Asia region.


IP Gateway’s contribution to Thomson Reuters – Trademark Practice and Forms

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Our Trade Mark department has recently contributed to an established leading publication on Trade Mark protection around the world entitled Thomson Reuters – Trademark Practice and Forms.

This is the second time IP Gateway has contributed to this publication.  Retailing for approximately US$2,300.00, this work examines trademark law and practice in over 80 different national jurisdictions, with an emphasis on the registration process, maintenance of marks, and enforcement of registered rights across multiple jurisdictions.

Covering more than 80 countries, the text provides a detailed explanation of laws and regulations related to initial trademark registration requirements and procedures, oppositions, extensions, renewals, and reinstatements. Summary coverage is given to transfers, assignments, licenses, and means of enforcement.

Organized by jurisdiction, the title features comprehensive information on substantive and procedural requirements, along with the most common forms for initial registration in each country. The set also includes important timelines and easy-to-follow forms, and special chapters providing an overview and discussion of major trademark treaties, trademark law and infringement on the Internet, and protecting trademarks worldwide.

Our Trade Mark department has worked together with several renowned trademark lawyers around the world on this project including the USA, Europe, China, Canada and Japan. IP Gateway contributed to the chapter on Australian Trademark law.

This appointment demonstrates the firm’s leadership in the practice of trade mark law  in Australia and indeed through the South East  Asia region.

Bright Young Brisbane Patent Attorney Joins IP Gateway

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IP Gateway is proud to announce that Jack King-Scott has joined the firm as of July this year and will be spearheading the future development of IP Gateway’s patent practice in Queensland and New South Wales.

Jack is a Registered Patent Attorney in Australia and New Zealand, who has specialised in Intellectual Property (“IP”) protection since 2009. Jack qualified as a Patent and Trade Marks Attorney and rose through the ranks of a Brisbane patent attorney firm before joining IP Gateway.

Jack holds a Bachelor of Science with Honours from the University of Queensland majoring in molecular biology, a joint PhD from the EMBL-Hamburg and the University of Dundee in X-ray crystallography and a Masters of Industrial Property from the University of Technology, Sydney.

With Jack and his skillset being added to the firm, the Life Science Division of IP Gateway will be enhanced along with Dr Alison McMillan who has a PhD in Polymer Chemistry and Dr Christy Grobbler who has a PhD in Microbiology and Environmental Engineering.

Jack’s specialities lay in drafting, filing and prosecuting patent applications, and managing patent portfolios for his clients both in Australia and internationally.

He also specialises in patent oppositions, filing and prosecution strategies, and providing commercialisation advice from an IP perspective.

Jack began his professional life as a research scientist before moving across and finding his passion in IP law.  He now maintains a broad practice in all aspects of IP law, including patents and designs, with emphasis on patent protection in the following technology areas:

  • Life sciences
  • Medical devices
  • Mechanical technologies
  • Construction, building products and materials
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV; “drone”) based technologies

He takes great pride in forming solid, long-lasting relationships with his clients and offering straight-up, pragmatic and strategic IP advice. Jack enjoys nothing more than seeing his clients’ businesses succeed and grow through robust IP protection of their core technologies.

The team at IP Gateway welcome Jack to the firm.

The 2017 IP Excellence Awards Winners Announced!

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The IP Excellence Awards for 2017 have been announced and IP Gateway have been awarded the Best Boutique IP Law Firm Australia.

With the rise in digitalisation, both businesses and individuals are becoming ever more reliant on their online content, which in turn means the protection of this is crucial for the overall success of the business domain. The intellectual property industry has grown in terms of its importance with clients requiring support and guidance on how to protect both their intangible assets and online information.

As such, the 2017 IP Excellence Awards recognises the very best intellectual property professionals across the industry, which includes copyright, trademark and patent litigation practices and not forgetting their dedicated employees. Now in its fourth year, this awards programme showcases on the major players within this industry for those who are seeking IP support services.

Discussing the awards, Coordinator Hugo Smith expressed his pride in the winners: “Through this prestigious awards programme I am honoured and would like to congratulate every one of the deserving winners and wish them the very best for the future.”

Acquisition International prides itself on the validity of its awards and winners. The awards are given solely on merit and are awarded to commend those most deserving for their ingenuity and hard work, distinguishing them from their competitors and proving them worthy of recognition.

If you have a Patent, Trade Mark or Design that you’d like to be protected or you want to discuss how to secure protection for your Intellectual Property with qualified award winning experts, please contact IP Gateway Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys on 07 38083566 or email us at

North Queensland Law Association Conference 2017

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Mark Metzeling, Head of Trade Marks at IP Gateway has been invited to speak at the North Queensland Law Association (NQLA) conference this year about “Brand Protection and Securing Goodwill”. His presentation will focus on what is a Trade Mark, what makes a Good Trade Mark, and how a trade mark is best used to secure goodwill today and into the future.


The North Queensland Law Association (NQLA) was founded on 25 January 1959 and was the first regional district Law Association outside of a major capital city. Since its formation the NQLA has continued to be one of the most active district Law Associations in Queensland with one of its main functions being to organise annual conferences which alternates between Mackay, Townsville and Cairns each year.


The conference offers an excellent opportunity for Mark to meet and network with some of the best legal minds and law firms in the North Queensland area. It also presents a platform for IP Gateway to showcase itself as one of the best boutique IP law firms in Australia.


This year the NQLA’s annual conference will be held at the picturesque Hamilton Island Yacht Club in the Whitsundays from 18 to 20 May 2017.


If you’d like to meet with Mark at the NQLA Conference, or learn more about securing the goodwill of your business through the use of trade marks, please contact IP Gateway Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys on 07 38083566 or email us at

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