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Design and Life Science Groups

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Design Group

The Designs Group comprises several experienced design attorneys and crystallises IP Gateway’s expertise in, and commitment to, assisting clients in obtaining registered design rights.

IP Gateway has filed significant numbers of registered design applications in Australia for well-known international companies such as Samsung and Caterpillar, and also coordinates programs of Australian and International design filings for local clients.  Our expertise in designs is further demonstrated by contributions to the Australian chapter of the Wolters Kluwer publication, Design Rights: Functionality and Scope of Protection, teaching of designs law at WIPO-accredited Masters of Law level, and contributions to international designs conferences.

Awareness of registered designs (and the US counterpart, design patents) has been significantly raised in recent years by some high profile cases, but in our opinion, this is still an under-utilised form of protection.  Australian Designs law was overhauled in the early 2000s with the intention of providing stronger, more useful, rights.  The outcomes of litigation of Australian registered designs (including one in the last year) indicates that this has been largely achieved, and that registered designs can provide commercially valuable protection.

Registered design protection can provide a useful enforceable right where no other registered IP right is available.  Further, registered designs can complement both patent protection, for example, by providing a right which is relatively straightforward to enforce and which can be useful in restraining copy-cat versions of products; and trade mark protection, for example, by protecting the new shape of a product or packaging before sufficient reputation in the shape has been accrued to support registration of a shape trade mark.

Life Science Group

IP Gateway has also formed a new Life Science Group. The group is headed by Dr Alison McMillan and includes Dr Jack King-Scott and Dr Christy Grobbler.  Dr McMillan who has over 25 year’s patent experience in the life sciences field, leads the team.   The members of the team have scientific training across a broad range of scientific disciplines and have combined and complimentary patent experience across the fields of molecular biology, immunology, pharmaceuticals, protein chemistry, biotechnology DNA technology, microbiology, vaccines, assay/diagnostics development, medical devices and treatment, and biomaterials science.

This diverse technical specialty and breadth of experience allows the Life Sciences Group to work with and provide clients with comprehensive and high level advice and service grounded in a fundamental understanding of the core science.

The Group’s Life Science experience is not limited to Australia and New Zealand and extends to overseas and in particular major jurisdictions such as Europe and the USA.

Formation of a Designs Group and Life Science Group will help IP Gateway continue its focus and innovation in providing expert, commercially oriented advice.

If you want to secure a monopoly for your patent or design, contact IP Gateway Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys’ expert advisors on 07 38083566 or email us at mail@ipgateway.com.au


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