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IP Gateway’s contribution to Thomson Reuters – Trademark Practice and Forms

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Our Trade Mark department has recently contributed to an established leading publication on Trade Mark protection around the world entitled Thomson Reuters – Trademark Practice and Forms.

This is the second time IP Gateway has contributed to this publication.  Retailing for approximately US$2,300.00, this work examines trademark law and practice in over 80 different national jurisdictions, with an emphasis on the registration process, maintenance of marks, and enforcement of registered rights across multiple jurisdictions.

Covering more than 80 countries, the text provides a detailed explanation of laws and regulations related to initial trademark registration requirements and procedures, oppositions, extensions, renewals, and reinstatements. Summary coverage is given to transfers, assignments, licenses, and means of enforcement.

Organized by jurisdiction, the title features comprehensive information on substantive and procedural requirements, along with the most common forms for initial registration in each country. The set also includes important timelines and easy-to-follow forms, and special chapters providing an overview and discussion of major trademark treaties, trademark law and infringement on the Internet, and protecting trademarks worldwide.

Our Trade Mark department has worked together with several renowned trademark lawyers around the world on this project including the USA, Europe, China, Canada and Japan. IP Gateway contributed to the chapter on Australian Trademark law.

This appointment demonstrates the firm’s leadership in the practice of trade mark law  in Australia and indeed through the South East  Asia region.

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