BIO International Convention 2019 Philadelphia. – It Starts with One.

The annual BIO International Convention for 2019 will be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia . The delegates will gather together for unique opportunities for education and networking with some of the global leaders in biotech, pharma and life science.

IP Gateway is emerging as a leading Australian firm for patent matters in the life sciences. In recent years, the IP Gateway life sciences group has grown to include attorneys with research PhDs.  The group has substantial experience with drafting, prosecution, and oppositions across a range of technologies, including pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, medical devices, genomics and molecular biology, agribiotech, biochemistry, and chemical engineering.

As new innovations and advancements are made in the world of biotech and life science it is becoming more and more vital to not only bring these new advancements to the masses but to also protect these new ideas and innovations for generations to come. “Scientific progress begins with one idea, one theory, one trial, one success. The small initiatives of today—the incremental investments of time, energy, and dedication that each of us makes—can have a global impact on tomorrow” //

IP Gateway is acutely aware of the effort involved in developing IP in the life sciences space, and is committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for clients and associates. In both Australia and New Zealand, there are idiosyncrasies associated with the prosecution of therapeutic claims, and biotechnology more generally. The IP Gateway life sciences group is confident that clients and associates will recognise the benefits of having cases handled by operators providing genuine expertise, and outstanding attention to detail.

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