The rate at which technology is evolving and changing in today’s world is phenomenal. If you are in the process of developing the next technological marvel, you want the best team of Patent and Trade Marks attorneys working with you to protect your property.

Clinton Priddle heads up the IP Gateway Electrical Engineering and Information Communication Technology Group (EE/ICT). Clinton spent several years at Ericsson in Sweden where he was actively involved in technological research and rapid prototyping.  During this time, he was an avid inventor (Clinton is listed as an inventor on over 30 patent applications), giving him first-hand experience in intellectual property from the “other side”.

IP Gateway’s EE/ICT Group has extensive background in:

  • Computer implemented inventions
  • Electrical Engineering and hardware
  • Manufacturing and automation
  • Financial systems (including cryptocurrencies and blockchain)
  • Signal and Data Processing (including Artificial intelligence)
  • Telecommunications

Clinton Priddle

Director / Head of EE & ICT

Registered Patent Attorney (AU & NZ)

Jack King Scott PhD


Registered Patent Attorney (AU & NZ)

Timothy Fitzgerald PhD

Registered Patent Attorney (AU & NZ)

Matthew Lord

Registered Patent Attorney (AU & NZ)

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