Mechanical and mining innovations form an integral part of the Australian economy and, more importantly, Australian ingenuity.  As such, it makes sense that IP Gateway’s mechanical and mining technologies team have extensive background and experience in a range of engineering fields so that we not only understand your invention but can provide rock solid protection for it.

Our mechanical and mining technologies team has more than 30 years combined experience in:

  • Mining and energy technologies
  • Chemical engineering;
  • Construction, building products and materials;
  • Corrosion chemistry;
  • Electrical engineering; and
  • Environmental engineering.

Wayne Slater


Registered Patent Attorney (AU & NZ)

Jack King Scott PhD


Registered Patent Attorney (AU & NZ)

Clinton Priddle

Director / Head of EE & ICT

Registered Patent Attorney (AU & NZ)

Matthew Lord

Registered Patent Attorney (AU & NZ)

Christy Grobbler PhD

Patent Engineer

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