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We take your Intellectual Property needs personally

Intellectual Property (IP) consists of various forms of creative human endeavour and these various forms of IP include ideas, inventions, industrial designs, product designs, paintings, sculptures, brands, slogans, words and logos.  And they all have one thing in common: they provide the foundation for building value in your business.

Patents, Trade Marks, Registered Designs and Copyright are the tools that form the IP portfolio of your business.  Our firm of professional IP attorneys & lawyers, based in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast work exclusively in these areas.  IP Gateway provides customised solutions that can secure the protection of your IP and protect your revenue stream: the essence of any business.

Our process begins with good old fashioned service.  A same day response and that personal touch to show you are a valued customer, not just a number.  We get to know you and your business so our experts can deliver the most appropriate intellectual property advice and solutions to you.


We take the time to listen

We do this by taking the time to listen.  It’s an approach that leaves nothing to chance.  And it leaves you with a lasting peace of mind, knowing that your IP is being protected and managed by experts that understand your business.

It’s a way of doing business that is underpinned by our many years of experience, and backed by ongoing accessibility to our services.  We’re accessible by email, phone and (due to our convenient, non-CBD location in South East Queensland’s growth corridor and Gold Coast location) in person for our clients.

But most importantly, we’re accessible because we want to be.  We’re here to help you obtain the best protection and IP strategies for your business.

Think It.  Own It.  Protect It.







We’re leaders in intellectual property law – let us guide you

IP Gateway provides timely intellectual property solutions for local clients in Australia; and effective representation for international clients seeking to protect their intellectual property in Australia.

Our areas of expertise include patents, trade marks, registered designs and copyright.

By partnering with IP Gateway, you will receive expert advice and be confident in knowing you have experts protecting your intellectual property.  IP Gateway will secure, manage, defend and exploit your intellectual property utilising the professional guidance, strategic direction and knowledge of our renowned IP experts.  Our experts understand the nuances of existing Australian law and remain abreast of changing legislation to ensure your intellectual property is in safe hands.

Learn more about our experienced team of attorneys and read about our successes to date.


We care. It’s why we exist in the first place

A patent attorney for 25 years, Wayne Slater developed a vision for practising intellectual property law that was based on a set of four pillars: science, law, business and people management. With a natural affinity for engaging people, and a true willingness to listen to their story, he began to see that aligning intellectual property law with commercial objectives to meet the needs of his clients was the only way to ensure customer satisfaction.

Wishing to align his personal motives with this new outlook, Wayne created a new business model practised by IP Gateway: a firm that provides impeccable personalised service through customised intellectual property solutions matched to your business goals.

That vision continues today, with IP Gateway’s reputation as a firm who knows, cares and therefore guides.  IP Gateway is firmly established in the Australian intellectual property law landscape.


We think beyond fees and focus on client satisfaction

We take your intellectual property concerns seriously, and take the right steps to protect it from the outset.  Part of this process involves assisting you to understand the true value of your brand, and its importance to your business success.  By establishing this upfront, we can plan the right path (with a tailored fee) to enable you to maximise the protection of your intellectual property.

Our pricing is transparent, clearly communicated and, most importantly, all inclusive.  There are no hidden surprises.  Achieving client satisfaction is our main focus.

Please contact us to request our current schedule of fees.

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