Plastec, one of the largest manufacturers of plumbing fittings in Australia has brought Flexitec® to the market as the most flexible joint for the plumbing sector.

What makes this product stand out in a virtual ocean of plumbing supplies? Its unique ability to act as a shock absorber to PVC pipe installations in reactive and unstable soils. Where conventional joins would wrap and crack over time, Flexitec® has the ability to, as its name suggests, flex and move with the stresses placed on PVC installations.

The team at IP Gateway are proud to have been a part of helping Plastec bring this product to the market by offering upfront, honest and professional advice, IP Gateway have coupled this advice with a strategic plan to safeguard and protect the intellectual property rights of Plastec’s innovation in Australia and overseas.


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Freedom Screens

Given the current climate that we live in today it is more important than ever to allow fresh air into our homes and living spaces. Because of this Freedom Retractable Screens developed the Infinity Zipline™. A revolutionary system that not only allows the screens to span up to 4.5 meters in a single screen but also due to the unique mesh to track retention system provides the screen with incredible strength up to 590KG according to lab results from the accredited NATA Laboratories.

 Freedom Screens approached IP Gateway to seek the advice of their specialist patent and trade mark attorneys to show them how to navigate the path from concept to design whilst securing protection of the system and its trade mark.  This allowed Freedom Screens to securely bring the Infinity Zipline® to the market in Australia and internationally.

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With the current focus on rebuilding the economy in whatever part of the world you are in; it would be safe to say that a large part of that is getting the building sector back up and running. With so many new construction projects being approved and with work on them commencing so quickly, its important to remember that while these projects may need to be finished quickly and efficiently, safety is still one of the primary concerns on a building site.

After seeing a need for a more robust and compatible temporary void flooring system, the company Voideck was established. It’s vision? To provide a safer and more efficient working temporary flooring solution for the building trade in New Zealand.

With so many applications across so many trades, Voideck engaged IPG® to assess and protect their system in New Zealand and then be delivered to the world market.

So successful was this vision that Voideck , although only trading for 12 months was a finalist in the 2019 Manufacturing and Distribution awards ,the 2020 New Zealand Workplace H&S Awards, the Wellington Regional Business Awards 2020 (Innovation Category) and the 2020 New Zealand Building Industry Awards

Due to the success of the business and the protection that it now has through the hard work of the attorneys at IPG® the company has now started shipping their flooring system to Queensland.

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Gotzinger Smallgoods

For over 120 years the Gotzinger name has been synonymous with producing the finest European smallgoods.  With its beginnings in Austria, the craft has been handed down through generations, consistently producing the highest quality smallgoods that has become a hallmark for the Gotzinger name.

 By using methods and recipes that have been handed down through the years, we at Gotzinger Smallgoods insist on continuing the fine art of traditional smallgoods making, by using only the best ingredients and finest cuts of Pork, Beef and Veal, ensuring that we deliver premium quality and superior taste that we believe is second to none.

Today with Antony van der Drift at the helm, Gotzinger is a smallgoods company with generations of family traditions and expertise, delivering the range and quality you would expect from such pedigree smallgoods names.

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