What is a Trade Mark?

A trade mark is something used by traders to distinguish their goods and/or services from the goods and/or services of other traders. Examples of things that may be trade marks are:
• Words • Aspects of packaging, labels • Scent
• Logos • Distinctive shape of a product • Image
• Slogans/catch phrases • Colour • Sign
• Product names, brands • Sound • Symbol

What makes a good Trade Mark?

A good trade mark is distinctive, i.e. unique. Some of the most memorable trade marks are those that were created by the owner, i.e. GOOGLE, XEROX . . .
While you may want to use a very descriptive term as your trade mark so as to capitaliseon instant consumer recognition, this is not recommended as it is costly to obtain trade mark rights in a descriptive term (if you are able to get them at all). It is better to use the money in promoting brand awareness of your distinct trade mark so that consumers become aware of your good/service. This will provide you with greater trade mark protection, and more importantly a more valuable business asset in the long run.

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