Founded in 2006, IP Gateway provides timely intellectual property solutions for local clients in Australia; and effective representation for international clients seeking to protect their intellectual property in Australia and New Zealand.

By partnering with IP Gateway, you will receive expert advice and be confident in knowing you have experts protecting your intellectual property. IP Gateway will secure, manage, defend and exploit your intellectual property utilising the professional guidance, strategic direction and knowledge of our renowned IP experts. Our experts understand the nuances of existing Australian law and
remain abreast of changing legislation to ensure your intellectual property is in safe hands.

Under the Australian Patents Act, only registered Patent Attorneys are permitted to prepare and amend patent applications on behalf of clients. For a particular invention, it is desirable to choose a patent attorney who is familiar with the technology involved.
All professional work at IP Gateway is performed by or under the supervision of registered attorneys who have the appropriate knowledge, skill and qualifications for that work.
We, as registered Patent Attorneys, are bound by the Code of Conduct for Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys, a copy of which is available from the Trans-Tasman IP Attorneys Board.


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