Success Story – Sea Ulcer

IP Gateway would like to congratulate both Jaiden and Byron of Sea Ulcer on the ongoing success with their brand, their business and their dream.

Jaiden and Byron are two mates that love fishing and, like most fishermen, were always looking for an edge over the fish.  Especially, with the fish that couldn’t be seen but were known to be there.  Then came the age of the drone and everything changed…

What started out as a simple idea to outwit the fish quickly became a reality with the birth of the “Sky Rigger” – a line clamping attachment device for use with drones.  The name Sky Rigger has been successfully trade mark protected in a number of key markets and the device itself is in the process of being patent protected around the world.  More importantly, however, the Sky Rigger is now being sold and distributed worldwide just in time for Christmas!

The work and effort that went into the design, testing and finally the production of the device has taken everything the mates had, but has definitely paid off.

Congratulations Jaiden and Byron on your successful launch!  We at IP Gateway have enjoyed seeing all your hard work being recognised.

The “Sky Rigger” and Jaiden and Byron’s story has to date been featured in numerous national newspapers and television shows, including a recent interview on Channel 7.  All this publicity coupled with the traffic on their YouTube channel – currently over 6,000 subscribers and growing – suggests the guys, like their invention, are on the up and up.

The introductory video to the Sky Rigger can be seen here –

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