Prior to commencing work as a patent and trade marks attorney, Clinton spent several years at Ericsson in Sweden where he was actively involved in technological research and rapid prototyping.  During this time, he was an avid inventor (Clinton is listed as an inventor on over 30 patent applications), giving him first-hand experience in intellectual property from the “other side”.

Clinton holds a Master of Science in Information Technology Engineering from Uppsala University (Sweden), and a Masters of Industrial Property from the University of Technology, Sydney.

In his free time, Clinton puts his engineering and IT skills to practice in his free time, tinkering, building and coding, and has previously taught coding to children in the CoderDojo program.

Clinton’s specialities lie in drafting, filing and prosecuting patent applications, and managing patent portfolios for his clients both in Australia and internationally.  He also specialises in patent oppositions, filing and prosecution strategies, and providing commercialisation advice from an IP perspective.

He works primarily in the mechanical, electrical and ICT fields, but broadly from hand tools to complex computer-based systems.  Although Clinton has prepared patent applications for several Fortune 500 companies, many of his clients are small to medium businesses and individual inventors.

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