IP Gateway's Tim Fitzgerald obtains accreditation as a Qualified Person for Plant Breeder's Rights

Where a new variety of plant that is distinct, uniform, and stable is developed, an application can be filed for exclusive rights to commercially exploit the variety. Most jurisdictions worldwide offer a specific form of registered intellectual property right for this purpose. In Australia, registered rights for a new plant variety can be obtained under the Plant Breeder’s Rights Act 1994 (the PBR Act).

PBR applicants often rely on an agent to assist with the Australian application process. Notably, PBR registration in Australia also requires the services of a ‘Qualified Person’ accredited by the PBR office. While Australian patent attorneys frequently act as agents for the

PBR process, a separate Qualified Person is typically engaged.

We are pleased to announce that IP Gateway’s head of life sciences, Dr. Tim Fitzgerald (with a research background in crop biotechnology) has obtained accreditation as a Qualified Person under the PBR Act. Accordingly, unlike the vast majority of Australian patent and trademark firms, IP Gateway now has the capacity to offer both agent and Qualified Person PBR services to clients.

For queries regarding registered protection of plant varieties in Australia, Tim can be contacted at tfitzgerald@ipgateway.com.au

Firm announcement regarding the current Covid-19 Crisis

Given the current global situation and uncertainly that exist in the world today, the team at IP Gateway would like to assure you all that we continue to remain fully operational and we continue to protect intellectual property both domestically and abroad.

All our operational and management procedures are fully operational and we continue to monitor all cases in our care on a daily basis.

We have taken steps to ensure that all staff members can continue to OPERATE NORMALLY.

We have state of the art IT infrastructure than enables staff members to operate remotely and to continue to work in the office where this is desirable.

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Patents, Trade Marks, and Registered Designs are the tools that are used to protect the intellectual property in your business.  Our team of professional, patent and trade mark attorneys, based in Brisbane practices exclusively in the specialized practice areas of patents, trade marks and designs.   IP Gateway provides customised solutions to your intellectual property to protect the innovation in your business and the brands and goodwill you have built up in your business.

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The Attorneys at IPG® also provides effective representation for international clients seeking to protect their intellectual property in Australia.

Our areas of expertise include Patents, Trade Marks, and Registered Designs. By partnering with IPG®, you will receive expert advice and be confident in knowing you have experienced attorneys protecting your intellectual property.  IP Gateway will secure, manage, and defend your intellectual property utilising the professional guidance, strategic direction and knowledge of our renowned award winning IP experts.  Our attorneys understand the nuances of existing Australian law and remain abreast of changing legislation relating to Patents, Trade Marks and Registered Designs to ensure our advice is current and up to date.



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